Our Corporate Mission
Buchan, Lawton, Parent Ltd's corporate mission is to make the built environment a better and safer place to live. We endeavour to foster the technical advancement of building science and to promote the efficient use of the world's resources. We strive for excellence in our professional and technical services while working within the budget constraints of our clients. In carrying out these services, we aim to treat everyone fairly with respect, honesty and sensitivity to their needs. Contact us
Ottawa Office:
Unit 5, 5370 Canotek Road 
Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9E6 
Telephone:  613-748-3762 
Facsimile:   613-748-3817 
email:  getinfo @ blp.ca

Toronto Office:
18 Curity Avenue 
Toronto, Ontario M4B 1X7 
Telephone:  416-285-7445 
Facsimile:   416-285-7221 
email: getinfo @ blp.ca