•	pre-design and feasibility studies
	•	individual systems as well as whole buildings
	•	preliminary and detailed design
	•	details and specification preparation
	•	expertise in conventional and innovative approaches
	•	optimum value engineering
	•	designs from conception through to commissioning
Project Management
	•	project planning and organization
	•	tendering and preparing contract documentation
	•	project administration and cost control
	•	preparing change orders and site instructions
	•	setting up and implementing reporting systems Quality Assurance
Construction quality assurance:
	•	inspections
	•	testing and verification of in situ characteristics
	•	progress reviews
	•	verification of quantities
	•	problem solving
	•	system set up and commissioning
	•	warranty reviews
	•	Tarion Builder Bulletin 19 Field Review Consulting
	•	Energy Star evaluations
Condition Assessment
	•	whole building/facility reviews and surveys
	•	building performance testing
	•	special purpose investigations (such as environmental audits, energy analyses and indoor air quality assessments)
	•	specific element reviews (cladding, roofing, windows, mechanical systems, etc.)
	•	technical audits, condition surveys and warranty inspections
	•	pre-purchase, pre-construction and pre-delivery inspections
	•	commissioning, testing and troubleshooting
	•	reserve fund studies / maintenance analyses Technology Transfer
 Typical projects:
	•	plain language reports and communication documents
	•	courses and workshops
	•	handbooks and guides
	•	video and multi-media presentations
	•	displays, demonstrations and exhibits